I’ve decided to add another component to this blog. It’s not about how to move or travel or live a life where you can frequently move or travel, but it is something I’d like to work on (including sharing with you), and that’s poetry.

Between my day job as a copywriter and this blog, I feel like I do a ton of writing that serves a specific purpose, and it’s important that I write creatively outside of that, too. For me, writing is like cheese – it’s all pretty freaking good. Whether it’s a blog post, advice column, research paper, screenplay, poem, or a funny idea I thought of whilst peeing, all that matters is that I get to write about it and enjoy doing so.

So from now on, I’ll occasionally be posting poems here. If you’re visiting this blog strictly for advice about slow travel or location-specific information, that’s excellent! Use the drop-down menu under Locations (or tags about specific topics) to find what you’re looking for. As for the rest of you, please enjoy heartfelt poems from a silly-hearted girl.

To keep with the central theme of travel, I’ll be sharing poems I’ve written with a specific location in mind. Enjoy, and happy holidays, y’all.




Performers knocking for an audience

Stained coffee walls and cerveza halls

We sit and slow dance and watch others pass

On a balcony where it’s always nearly Christmas


If lust paid the rent

We’d still share this spliff

And trade our pesos for stories


Darling it’s just how I imagined


Screw in the bulb that shines dark desires

Like fireflies in the pit of our palm

We sweat and two step and make room for more

A desert mirage me and you


If lust paid the rent

We’d still share this stool

And trade our pesos for grins


‘Cause darling it’s just how I imagined