Costa Rica has been on my mind lately. While I absolutely think we made the right decision to move away, there will always be, as with anywhere I’ve lived and most places I’ve traveled, aspects I dearly miss. As it should be. Please enjoy my latest travel-related poem, which I hope gives you a little glimpse into the lovely land of pura vida and the joys of living a simple life, beer included.


Pura Vida Poetry



Humidity sticks like honey
The sky cries itself to sleep
Rotting mangoes fill the breeze
Hungry insects come out to play

Wet sand in wet season
Alive with tomorrow’s bonfire
Lonesome and content
Alluring and bare

This place is alive
Just close your eyes
And see

Walk these dirt roads
Feeling satisfied in simplicity
Moisture clings like static
But life is free and warm

Cold beer and kind smiles
Stick around till sunset
Here we are content
In this pura vida land

This place is alive
Just close your eyes
And be

pura vida

I hope you enjoyed the poem, but make no apologies if you didn’t. True story.