Alright, so I’ll start with a little back story. Two years ago, I was living in Austin, Texas, and writing a very different (but similarly-toned) personal blog called Paging Doctor Love about life as an optimistic pessimist. Sometimes it was uplifting, sometimes it was funny, and sometimes it was downright dark and depressing. If it was consistently anything, however, it was honest. And if there is one thing I am particularly proud of from that blog, it’s a project I created called Spread the Love.


Spread the Love

It’s a simple idea, really. I had, have, and continue meeting incredibly interesting, talented people from all over the world who deserve recognition for the things that they do. My belief is that you’ll benefit from knowing them, and if I can facilitate that in any way, then why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t we? In a world where there are so many brilliant people competing to be recognized, the least we can do is help the ones that have inspired us to work harder, take a different approach, and understand what we are all capable of creating.

So, once again, I’m asking you to participate, and here’s how. On Wednesday, March 5th, I want you to choose five people that are doing things that inspire you. They can be the lead researcher in alternative energy or bring you free mini-muffins every other Tuesday. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you admire them and think others would benefit from knowing them.

It doesn’t matter how you share this information. Post it on Facebook. Tell your bartender. Tweet your Grandma. Mail your Senator. Send a message in a bottle. The important thing is that you share their talent with someone, somewhere, somehow. Also, as an added clause, you must choose one person, from your list or someone else’s, and do something for them. It can be a small act or a big act, and you can decide how, when and where you complete this portion of the project, but the important thing is that you help someone else directly.

This is not done to accumulate future favors or brownie points or any type of self promotion. This is done for the respect of talent by talented people. This is done because I believe that there is a place for everyone and we’re all in a position to accept a little help sometimes. So if you have read this and will exist on March 5th, I am asking you for a favor. I am asking you to participate. And most importantly, I am asking you to Spread the Love.


Check out the five talented people I chose last time for a little inspiration, and because I’m still inspired by what they do.

Spread the Love