I’m of the general persuasion that any fish that weighs more than 10 pounds is unnatural and creepy and wants to capture me in its gills. My merman counterpart, however, sir boyfriend Peter Rimkus, knows better and instead believes that everything under the surface is amazing and interesting and almost always wants nothing to do with you. After thousands of dives and hours underwater as a master scuba diver trainer, I should probably believe him.

In Playas Del Coco, the town we previously lived in in Costa Rica, the ocean was bath-water warm (although it can get in the 60’s in winter) but the visibility was poor. Here on Maui, the water is fairly warm throughout the year (74-80 degrees) with way better visibility and contains lots of things for said boyfriend to take photos of beneath the surface. Here’s a little snapshot of life under the sea in Maui, Hawaii.

Under the Sea

“Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the sea”

Under the Sea

underwater photography maui hawaii

ocean photography maui hawaii

turtle town maui photos

shark dive maui photography

maui scuba diving sharks

St. Anthony's wreck maui

So the next time you’re taking a dip in the deep blue Pacific, remember there’s a whole lot of crazy shit beneath you and that crazy shit makes up 71% of the Earth, and more than 95% of that 71% of crazy shit is a total mystery. Whoa.

All photos taken by sir boyfriend Peter Rimkus of Two Tank Photo. See more of his beautiful photos and grab a print to throw up on that fine wall of yours.