First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I don’t typically like to wait a month in between blog posts, but sometimes I need a break from the computer world, and this month was my chance to enjoy adventurous things in real life instead of writing about how awesome they are via keyboard. But I’m back! And I have lots of amazing new things to share with y’all, including new things about Maui, camping on the neighbor island of Lana’i and refreshing takes on all things life and travel. So sit back, read, and enjoy. And maybe grab a beer and change into comfy pants. That always makes things better.


5 Dollar Fun on Maui

Earlier this month, two of my best good lady frands came to visit from Costa Mesa, California, and Austin, Texas. In preparation, I borrowed camping gear, dug out beach picnic necessities, attempted to remove the four pounds of sand from the guest bathtub, bought frozen taquitos, salsa, wine, tequila, and infused a ginormous bottle of Ketel One with Maui-grown pineapple and mint and strawberries and basil. If that’s not enough to give you a general idea of our 12 day plan o’fun and fuzzy good times, well, whatever. Sun, sand, outdoors, booze and baller ass babes. There.

best things to do in maui

Not only did I get to take my homies to all of my very favorite spots on Maui, including the gorgeously grand Iao Valley, remote swimming and hiking spots along the Road to Hana, delicious local cafes in the Upcountry area of Maui’s Haleakala Volcano and the cozy hippie hangout of Paia Town, but us Travelin’ Fools even got to do new things ourselves. Score!

One of those things included roller skating at Kalama Park’s outdoor skating rink in Kihei, which I didn’t even know existed until recently. Since I am generally not awesome on things involving wheels and balance (I never learned how to ride a bike, I can’t ride a skateboard, am shaky on a scooter, have a rough history with a certain car, etc.), I was slightly nervous but decided I couldn’t possibly hurt myself that bad on skates, so what the hell. Since it is Hawaii, and since you should be as ridiculously Hawaiian-themed as possible on any Hawaiian vacation, we bought hula skirts, coconut bras, beaded necklaces and leis and decided to take roller skating to the next level, a la middle school luau birthday party style.

As soon as we arrived in our skirts and Hawaii-gear, two little kids yelled “HULA DANCERS!” and another girl asked her friend “Is it a holiday or something?” Ha! Nah, girl. Ain’t no holiday but a friendly Friday.

things to do kihei maui

The roller skating rink is located only a coconut’s throw away from the ocean in central Kihei with an amazing view of the sunset, and is open for Public Skating three times a week: Wednesdays from 6-8pm and Fridays & Saturdays from 6-9pm. $5 gets you roller blades (with few and far between size options for roller skates, for those of you who like to keep it old school), and includes helmets, pads and wrist guards in a bin of tween sweat at no additional charge. Bring your own socks and adult beverages in conspicuous adult sippy cups for the best results.

kihei maui roller skating

Despite a shaky start to my roller glory, I managed to have a blast, sweat more than I thought possible and had an amazing time watching a few lone, old men interrupting Tween Sexual Tension 101 to roller-dance their way into my heart. Also, I am happy to report that there was only one fall, which was forewarned with “Comin’ in hot!”, and was not me.

hula skirts maui

We celebrated our post-success skate with giant mai tais and two other women who desperately wanted to join the fun and kept yelling “Four bitches, one skirt”. Good times.

5 dollar fun on maui

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get yo’ sweat on while reliving your best 7th grade memories with a killer view in tropical paradise, go rollerskating in Kihei. It’s 5 dollar fun on Maui, and it’s totally radical, brah.