Let’s get something straight… I do not enjoy all of the things I am good at, let alone the majority of things I am not good at. Something I’m not good at, for example? Redesigning and fixing websites. Yes, I’ve done it many times, and yes, I can make you a decent looking website, but I am by no means good at coding or care to learn how to be good at coding. Gross. That sounds like a hellish nightmare, to be honest, and if I wanted to be good at a nightmare, I would have majored in accounting. Enjoy my tale of adventures in salty websites, because it happens (hopefully not to you).


Adventures in Salty Websites

So when it came time to redesign and fix my own website, this very one that you’re reading right now, I was the opposite of thrilled. But it had to be done, and since I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me, I was left to my own devices. A couple of weeks, hours worth of work, $69, multiple support tickets and 99% of the way done later, I broke my website. This very one that you’re reading. Broke this shit right down. Internal server errors, website mumbo jumbo jargon, booted out, all that shit. And you know what I did? I shed somewhere in the vicinity of 12 to 20 tears, which is more tears than I’ve shed since the last time I watched Simon Birch.

adventures in salty websites

But alas, the gods of Salty Website Tears, aka wonderful nerds of the web forum world, gave me the advice I needed to stop being such a dramatic turd and fix the problem myself. Like a boss, may I add.

And while there are still several things I’d like to fix on this very website, I’m most of the way there, and that’s a good feeling. So while this post has absolutely nothing to do with travel or Maui or where to buy salt on the web, it has absolutely everything to do with the fact that we all need a little help sometimes, and I appreciate you all being here, reading this, when you could be eating spinach dip and chugging tall boys by a body of water. So thanks for sticking in there, and if you need help with anything besides fixing a website, I’m here for you, too.

what to do when you break your wordpress website

Here’s to being the master of your own salty destiny. And kicking ass on a volcano. ‘Cause why not.