When you’re planning on moving somewhere, it’s helpful to know the basic cost of living so that you’re not totally screwed upon arrival.

Since we have now lived in three very different places in the last year, and especially since Texas is generally regarded as average, Costa Rica is considered cheap and Maui is considered expensive, I’m going to compare my personal finances in each location to see if the hype matches the reality. And by “finances” I don’t mean the average cost of buying a home or putting a child in private school, because neither apply to our situation, but rather what you can realistically expect to spend to live comfortably while not totally going broke.


Cost of Living in Texas, Costa Rica & Maui


cost of living in texas, costa rica & maui

One of the reasons I started this blog was to convince people that you can live anywhere you want without having a lot of money or much of a plan. I still strongly believe that. Sometimes you have to give up more than you want and sometimes you get more than you bargained for. What I’ve learned is that it’s all about finding happiness in things that are different… including yourself, your surroundings and your general way of life.

Having a “successful move” isn’t about having everything you have now in a better place. It’s about finding out what you really need to make you happy, and what you’re willing to change to get there. If you want to travel long term and are on a limited budget, compromise is the only thing standing in your way. Get rid of the stuff weighing you down and find the things that build you up. It’s never too late.