Are y’all tired of reading about us moving yet?! I feel like you should be. I mean, I sincerely hope you’re not, because the whole point of this blog is to keep you entertained, informed and interested in where we are, what we’re doing and how exactly we’re able to do it, but hot damn, even I’m tired of telling people about our next move because it feels like we JUST moved to New Zealand, despite that being a full 10 months ago. Some of my dearest friends and family members have even stopped asking completely, because by the time they figure out where I’m currently living, I’ve already bought my ticket to the next country. Or at least it feels that way.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Next month marks FIVE WHOLE YEARS of travel for Peter and I, and that honestly feels like a sweet ass accomplishment. Mostly because it sounds cool, but it also is kind of cool, right? Five years! That’s longer than my obsession with Rice Krispies Treats in all of elementary school, longer than my crush on Freddie Prinze Jr., and only a fourth of the amount of time it took for me to realize a BLT had no meat patty. Seriously, y’all. It’s just bacon, lettuce and tomato. That’s it!

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Moving Announcement 2018: From NZ to…

This move, in particular, is a weird one. For starters, and for the first time ever, Peter and I are initially moving to two completely different countries. No, we did not banish each other to opposite sides of the earth after living together in a van. And no, my poetic soul did not insist that we act out the living definition of ‘ships passing in the night’, though yeah, that is undoubtedly 34% sexy.

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The reason we’re moving separately this time around is that Peter landed his dream job on a surf boat off the coast of the remote island of SUMATRA, INDONESIA, and I, sadly, am not invited on said boat, as I am not a surf photographer, a wealthy unemployed surfer, nor even particularly intrigued by the act of surfing. He will be working as a full time surf photographer on a one-month-on, one-month-off basis, and getting some absolutely stunning images in the process, because he is talented and predictably always does.

And while I’m sad to be separated from my steadiest and sexiest travel partner for multiple recurring weeks at a time, I am even more proud that he has this opportunity because y’all, this boat is badass. Lest you think he’ll be slaving away over his laptop editing 5,000 images in the direct sunlight every day, Peter will mostly be busy consuming 4 catered meals a day – yes, first and second breakfast included – drinking endless ice cold Bintang beers on the deck of a luxury surf yacht, and swimming and surfing in the warm, turquoise waves of several of the most gorgeous, uncrowded islands in Southeast Asia. Struggle, he shall not.

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I, on the other hand, will be busy living it up approximately 450 miles north on the (hopefully equally as radical) island of KOH LANTA, THAILAND, with my glorious Texan and former European travel pal, Erin, who’s been living there full time for a year teaching cocktail classes on the beach. Rough life, right? I mean hey, if I’m not invited to Sumatra, you can bet your sweaty bum I’m not settling for living out of the Asian tropics like some kind of non-sweaty chump. Plus, I have luck on my side. Not only is Erin my dear delightful homegirl, but I have always wanted to travel to Thailand because of its notorious beauty and authentic Thai food, and even better, its inexpensive cost of living. Thank hallelujah, because New Zealand was absolutely and painfully not cheap, and was nearly the death of me and my truly pitiful bank account.

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I’ll continue to work remotely as a copywriter for companies in both Maui and Australia, and when Peter is not on the boat, he’ll come meet me for continued adventures around Thailand.

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Unfortunately, the semi long term visa options for both Thailand and Indonesia are tricky, and this move, I’ll admit, I feel largely unprepared for, mostly because I’ve been so swamped with road tripping around New Zealand, getting caught up on writing work and traveling back to Texas to see friends and family that I have had almost zero time to fully research my options. Like it almost always does, however, we know it’ll work out this time around, and if it doesn’t, Asia is a big place and plane tickets are cheap. We’ll make it work.

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So here’s to our 6th move, our continued journeys around undetermined tropical parts of Asia, and five whole years of kicking the world in the butt cheeks, one foxy country at a time. Wish us luck, and as always, come visit.